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The Cotswold Group was established in October 2006 and comprises two separate companies being Cotswold Consulting (Pty) Ltd and Cotswold Reinsurance Services (Pty) Ltd.The organisation specialises in insurance and 

reinsurance related consulting and broking, and offers a wide range of services within that market segment.

Cotswold Consulting (Pty) Limited and Cotswold Reinsurance Services (Pty) Limited have an extensive skills base which complements the specific requirements of a wide variety of insurance and reinsurance businesses. We

offer innovative financial solutions to complex reinsurance problems, and our services range from assistance in the planning, start-up and development of new business ventures to the provision of expert direction and advice to existing organisations. More specific information concerning our capabilities is detailed elsewhere on this website.

Mark Haken manages Cotswold Consulting and Cotswold Reinsurance Services which he founded following his departure from corporate employment at the end of 2006. He is also a Director of Renasa Insurance 

Company Ltd, Southern Reinsurance Company South Africa Ltd (SURE) as well as two specialist Underwriting Management Agencies and on the editorial board of the specialist insurance magazine, “Cover”. Mark has been intimately involved in the insurance industry in South Africa for over 30 years in which he has held several Executive and many Board positions.



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